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We're always looking for open-minded, creative individuals who'd like to be a part of our crew - if that sounds like you, get in touch below!

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Opportunities and auditions to work with All Aboard Opera! are listed below, so make sure to keep a weather eye on the horizon for future projects!


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Backseat Stories

All Aboard Opera! are auditioning for their Summer 2023 production called Backseat Stories which is a collection of Chamber Operas; Savitri - Holst, The Impresario - Mozart, The Happy Prince - Lehmann, and The Zoo - Sullivan; all shows will be performed in English. This project will be performed in a relaxed outside environment across four venues in Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire. Accommodation in Oxfordshire can be arranged for the duration of the project if required. 



Rehearsals: 16th July, 24th - 28th July, 31st - 1st August 

Performances: 2nd - 5th August 


We are auditioning for one High Soprano (requires a secure F6), one Tenor and one Baritone/Bass-Baritone. Each cast member will perform multiple roles across the four shows and must be comfortable performing spoken dialogue, and performing in unusual/site-specific spaces.


The break down for each singer is as follows:


Coloratura Soprano (requires top F6): Madame Goldentrill - The Impresario, Laetitia Grinder - The Zoo

Tenor: Mr Angel - The Impresario, Satyavān - Savitri,  Æsculapius Carboy - The Zoo

Baritone/Bass-Baritone : Mr Bluff - The Impresario,  Death - Savitri, Thomas Brown - The Zoo


All performers will be expected to perform in The Happy Price which is all spoken dialogue over music - a dialogue breakdown will be provided upon casting. 

Each singer will be paid a fee of £680 


In person auditions will be held in Oxfordshire on 8th May 

  • Please bring two short contrasting arias to audition, one of which must be in English. 

  • A short spoken extract from the Happy Prince will be required at audition, this will be provided in advance.

The deadline for applications is the 1st May, at this point you will be sent the dialogue extract and a form to select your time. 


We very much look forward to hearing you!


All Aboard Opera! :) 

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