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Past Productions

Dido - Poster.png


An ancient feud, two powers at war, a surprise arrival - how will Dido’s story end?


Carthage is divided between the powerful Queen Dido and her nemesis the Sorceress, two women whose fates mirror each other and whose rivalry may destroy everything. In this immersive retelling of Henry Purcell’s classic opera, All Aboard Opera! puts the fate of Dido, and her fateful love for the wanderer Aeneas, in the hands of the audience. The audience will decide whether to support Dido and her glorious empire, or the Sorceress and her magical illusions. They then choose how the story progresses, voting at the end of each scene to manipulate the story’s ending. 


As we present these familiar characters in a brand new light, we welcome you to witness how a single choice can change the fates of many. Torn between tradition and upheaval, love and despair, reality and magic - what will you choose?


All Aboard Opera!’s debut production invites the audience on an immersive journey through a beloved opera; with our all-female cast we will examine the expectations and burdens on women in power, and explore how easily a bitter rivalry can be manipulated into a sudden downfall.

Wind in our Sails Poster.png


Weigh anchor, raise the colours, and hoist the sails because All Aboard Opera! has officially embarked on it's maiden voyage, with a fundraising event like you've never seen before. Passengers boarded Count Orlovsky's yacht and entered a world of magic, music and mayhem as we introduced some of the characters, performers, and operas All Aboard Opera! will be journeying alongside through our 2021-2022 season. In buying a ticket passengers not only supported All Aboard Opera! in our official launch, but enjoyed a fun-filled evening of laughs, champagne, and many nautical puns. 

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