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What do we do?

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All Aboard Opera! is, at its heart, a company that will prioritise accessibility, innovation, and adventure in our productions. We will embrace immersive and interactive techniques such as Game Theatre to create operatic experiences, alongside our more conventionally staged productions. Our productions will be staged in English to encourage as wide as an audience as possible, and we place creative thinking and staging at the forefront of all our projects.

How do we do it?

We have a saying at All Aboard Opera!: with a can-do spirit and a bit of gaffer tape, anything is possible! Creating immersive productions comes with a unique set of challenges, but instead of shying away from these challenges we will embrace them. Opera boils down to one thing: a story. All Aboard Opera! will approach every production by looking at the story first; dividing it into different elements, breaking down the characters and their motivations, and then piecing it back together in a fun and immersive way.




Join us on the voyage of a lifetime


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