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Once upon a time…


Five friends, lost on a road trip, decide to pass the time by entertaining each other with that most ancient of traditions - storytelling. From love to loss, with laughter and with tears, All Aboard Opera! presents a quartet of short operas in beautiful outdoor settings across Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire. 


Including Mozart’s ‘The Impresario’, Holst’s ‘Sāvitri’, Lehmann’s ‘The Happy Prince’ and Sullivan’s ‘The Zoo’, our traveling troupe will present a collection of operatic tales, all performed in a variety of stunning outdoor venues. From a manor estate to a vegetable garden, our tour will encompass them all; audiences are encouraged to bring picnics, friends and families. Relax, sit back, and let us tell you a story.


Backseat Stories will tour to:

  • Holmby House, Sibford, OX15 5RG - Wednesday 2 August

  • Notgrove Manor, Nr. Cheltenham, GL54 3BT - Thursday 3 August

  • Blue Tin Farm, Ipsden, OX10 6QU - Friday 4 August 

  • Mill Meadows, Henley-on-Thames, RG9 1BF - Saturday 5 August


Audiences are encouraged to bring picnics to Holmby House, Notgrove Manor and Mill Meadows, but dinner will be provided at Blue Tin Farm as part of the ticket price. Our performance at Blue Tin Farm is a 16+ only event; all other performances are open to all ages. 


Directed by Katie Blackwell and conducted by Joseph Cummings, Produced by Emily Sloan and All Aboard Opera!


For more information and for tickets, please visit

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